Revolutionary Data Discovery and Predictive Analytics For Any Organization

We revolutionize the modern approach to predictive analytics by delivering unprecedented speed and ease in knowledge discovery and model building. Our revolutionary Compellon20|20 software platform automates the analytic process, enabling organizations with and without data science skills to generate insights beyond predicting what will happen to revealing why, and what actions to take to influence outcomes.

Compellon20|20 Customer Analytics

The first and only predictive analytics solution built uniquely for Insights Professionals, Compellon20|20 Customer Analytics puts the power of advanced analytics in the hands of researchers and analysts, so they can move beyond reporting metrics to rapidly delivering specific recommendations and solutions to measurably improve customer experience and loyalty.

Some of Our Valued Customers

Clay Wilemon
CEO and Chief Strategy Officer

“Compellon moves the power of predictive analytics out of the province of data scientists and into the hands of marketers, giving us the opportunity to create messaging that is more resonant with buyers, and marketing initiatives that are more cost effective for our clients.”

Easy to implement. Measurable impact.

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