COMPELLON™ launches powerful NEW predictive analytics platform with “THREE CLICKS TO PREDICT” simplicity


Introduces Custom Application for Qualtrics Users – Compellon20|20 Survey

Compellon™ today announced its new cloud-based predictive analytics platform, Compellon20|20.  The platform enables businesses to unlock the insight hidden within their data in minutes not days, transforming their exploding information immediately into critical knowledge and actionable results.  Compellon20|20’s powerful technology and “Three Clicks to Predict” simplicity puts the power back into the business user by providing data driven, results oriented action not based on guesswork.

The Compellon20|20 technology was developed over thirty years by co-founder Dr. Nikolai Liachenko. This proprietary solution leverages informational theory, machine learning and statistical methods into a revolutionary analytics architecture.  Combining this powerful technology with “Three Clicks to Predict” simplicity dramatically changes the way companies analyze, learn and act on their data.

Compellon20|20 platform key attributes include:

  • Fast Answers in Minutes—Rapidly analyzes large, complex datasets with “Three Clicks to Predict” simplicity.
  • Automatic and Assumption Free—Analysis processes require minimal user intervention, eliminating user guessing typically involved in most leading predictive solutions today.
  • Find What Matters — Quickly discovers the key drivers for the target outcome, enabling the user to immediately focus on what matters.
  • Custom Models (not pre-canned)—Automatically develops custom models for the selected target outcome.
  • Learns and Adapts—Monitors, learns and adapts to dynamic data, making it the ideal solution for dynamic environments and the fast growing Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Real-Time Predictions—Individual or bulk predictions can be completed within or outside of the platform. Predictions include rank ordered reasons for each result.
  • Scalable Platform Ready in Hours—Cloud-based platform automatically scales to your business needs.  Web services architecture allows third parties to provide powerful analytics into their applications powered by Compellon™.

Compellon20|20 Survey – A Seamless Predictive Analytics Solution for Qualtrics Research Suite and Surveys

Compellon™ also announced a new predictive analytics application, Compellon20|20 Survey, built specifically for Qualtrics business users.  Built on the powerful Compellon20|20 platform, this product easily integrates with the market-leading Qualtrics Research Suite product, enabling a seamless experience to the most powerful analytics and predictions available today.

Compellon20|20 Survey key attributes include:

  • Uncovering hidden relationships between survey questions, revealing what really matters
  • Discovering key questions driving the target outcome
  • Identifying unique profiles related to the target outcome
  • Ability to predict others achieving the same outcome
  • Seamless integration with Qualtrics

“Compellon™ has enabled us to dramatically change the way we develop and analyze surveys, providing rapid survey analysis while discovering unique insight into product positioning, customer motivations and profiles” said Clay Wilemon, CEO of DevicePharm™, a leader in life science strategic marketing services and a Compellon™ channel partner.  “DevicePharm™ and Compellon™  are a powerful combination, and I look forward to partnering with them for many years to come.”

Compellon20|20 Survey is immediately available for purchase via simple, valued-based subscription pricing packages. Information on this powerful combination can be found on the Qualtrics Innovation Exchange or Compellon™ website.

About Compellon

Compellon™ is transforming the traditional trial-and-error methodology of data analysis with its proprietary predictive analytics technology.  The Compellon20|20 platform is capable of automatically discovering, learning and adapting in dynamic data environments, empowering companies to make fast and well informed decisions.  Compellon™ is proven and currently providing solutions to companies from Fortune 500 companies to small, vertically focused organizations. Contact us to learn more.


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