Harness Predictive Signals to Improve
Outcomes Across the Customer Journey


Compellon20|20 empowers Marketing and Customer Experience professionals to move from reporting what happened to driving actions that will measurably improve customer acquisition, retention, and lifetime value. Discover insights quickly, in time to act, using any data.


Uncover what really drives customers

Deeper insights across segments and outcomes


Identify actions to improve loyalty

Know what actions move the needle


Evaluate financial impacts of actions

Deliver the best bang for your buck


Personalize offers and engagement

What will drive each individual to act


Improve survey effectiveness

Increase responses, insight, and velocity

Uncover What Really Drives Customers

Compellon20|20 automatically discovers drivers for your key indicators – such as likelihood to recommend, overall satisfaction, and any other outcome – with depth and speed never before possible. Now you can move beyond correlating what happened to predicting what will matter. And you can use any customer data for a loyalty picture more complete than survey responses alone. Even better, you can easily iterate for every segment to find what is uniquely driving each.

Identify the Best Actions to Improve Loyalty

Compellon20|20 lets you get right to the answer for what will move the needle to improve loyalty and any other outcomes. The platform delivers prescriptive advice on which areas to focus on and what actions to take to achieve your target outcome. Now you can go beyond reporting loyalty and satisfaction scores and guide how to achieve the goal.

Evaluate Financial Impact of the Best Next Actions

Use Compellon20|20 prescriptive advice to explore which improvements provide the best return-on-investment or return-on-effort to achieve the desired outcome. Enter customer value by segment and costs of improvement actions in order to calculate the net return of acting on specific feedback items in order to improve the customer experience.

Personalize Offers and Engagements

These days, customers expect personalized experiences. Compellon20|20 makes it easy to identify the best leads or the customers most at risk and to know what uniquely motivates each of them. Unique analytics outputs guide whom to target and how to tailor communications or offers to each customer’s unique motivations. Organizations can operationalize predictions by incorporating them into case management or CRM systems or by embedding into applications.

Improve Survey Effectiveness

Are you squeezed between customers fatigued by surveys and business requests to collect even more data? Compellon20|20 can help you fine tune surveys to improve your response rates. By knowing which questions have predictive relevance, you can drop those that do not or replace them to probe emerging issues or trends. And because Compellon20|20 lets you analyze responses quickly, you can adopt a more-frequent survey cadence and stay on top of trends with minimal additional resources.

“Compellon moves the power of predictive analytics out of the province of data scientists and into the hands of marketers, giving us the opportunity to create messaging that is more resonant with buyers, and marketing initiatives that are more cost effective for our clients.”

Clay Wilemon
CEO and Chief Strategy Office

Learn how ReShape Medical used Compellon20|20 to successfully launch a market-making product.

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