Optimize Your Operations with Automated Analysis and Prediction


Compellon’s simple user experience empowers engineers to rapidly identify core issues and maximize operational efficiency.

Sensor technology is more affordable and efficient today than ever, and enables granular monitoring of production processes, quality, and performance. But when problems do arise, quickly analyzing thousands of sensor data points to find the root cause and identify suspect product can be an overwhelming task. Compellon20|20 helps solve these complex analytical problems in minutes rather than days or weeks, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and maximizing operational efficiency.

Root Cause Analysis

Rapidly identify key drivers of production issues from even thousands of inputs. Empower those closest to the operation to perform data analysis themselves to more rapidly diagnose issues.

Predict Future Events

Predict the likelihood of a failure and the reason for it, allowing immediate resolution of costly issues for high-risk products. Quickly and easily adapt predictive models for rapidly changing operational environments.


Automatically determine signatures (combinations of values) with high likelihood of a specified event. Enable easy implementation of continuous and comparative signature analysis.

Learn how a major manufacturer used Compellon20|20 to accelerate their failure analysis.

Let Compellon help take your data analysis to the next level.