What makes Compellon’s breakthrough user experience possible is the industry unique artificial intelligence technology under the covers. Compellon’s approach to AI is to extend (rather than imitate) human expertise. The engine acts as an autonomous intelligent agent that performs the analytics based only on the user provided goal and the evidence in the data. This empowers users to focus solely on the business challenges and actions to achieve their objective, without extensive skills and assumptions as are typically required to perform advanced analytics.

Compellon’s approach incorporates and builds upon elements of mainstream machine learning practice, while differing in several substantial ways:

Custom structured

Compellon autonomously derives a unique model structure for each individual data set. This is in stark contrast to mainstream statistical and machine learning approaches that always start by assuming a type of structure (such as a decision tree, a logistic regression, or SVM) or use trial and error to choose from multiple structures.

Self-aware and adaptive

The Compellon engine stores the image of its own structure, and has the ability to change it. By using this ability, it modifies its own behavior to avoid past errors and to account for changes in environment. This is in contrast to the mainstream machine learning approaches that require human intervention to adapt models, often by using techniques, which add complexity (such as “bagging” and “boosting”) to correct errors rather than recognize and remove their reasons.

Information based

The Compellon engine consistently uses concepts of information theory (for example, Shannon entropy and many other measures based on it) for every phase of analysis. This includes variable selection, discovery of relations, determining the model structure, tuning the model, forming prescriptive output, and providing adaptive capabilities when conditions are changing. Due to this approach, the engine avoids many analytical guesses and arbitrary decisions that would otherwise be necessary otherwise.

These capabilities today power the breakthrough user experience that transforms knowledge discovery and predictive modeling with the unique combination of speed, ease, and powerful insight into why and what to do. They also position Compellon with the technology to uniquely address the growing need for autonomous operation to deal with the explosion of data across a variety of use cases.

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