Answers every day...for the everyday business leader. 

No Code. No PhD. Just Business.

What you GET with Compellon Products and Solutions


Agile solutions that learn and adapt with your business.


Explainable and evidence-based analytical processes - a clear-box solution.


Get data-driven decisions to the front lines of your business.

Compellon was built for business experts so they can solve business problems without the need for technical knowledge.

Get understanding, insights and answers
in days or weeks, not months.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Working with the team at Compellon and using Compellon 20|20’s breakthrough prescriptive analytics capabilities has changed how 1-800 CONTACTS’ teams work together, uniting the doers and the thinkers and putting them all on the same page. Silos are united. Data are better utilized. And most importantly, data-driven decisions have resulted in successful business outcomes." 

Our Products


Customer Upsell

Effectively recruit, retain, and upsell customers.

Datacenter &

AI Ops

Reduce mean time to resolution for network operating centers.

Payment & Collections

Increase effectiveness of collection tactics.

Insurance Fraud

Identify Early Indicators of Fraud

Use Cases

Powered by Our Smart Plug and Play AI

Standard AI and Machine Learning fail to provide solutions at scale for businesses. So, how does it get better? The only way to solve problems and reduce the pain points is to go off-road and use new approach that enables everyone to focus on the business problem - not just an analytical output.

We transformed conventional analytics from an assumption-dependent, subjective process to an objective process which consistently drives value over time with less risk.


By re-engineering the process, Compellon has developed an approach that eliminates the shortcomings in traditional analytics, which cause too many projects to fail, and truly focuses on solving the business problem - not just building models.


Most importantly, this approach takes the technical burden off of the user, allowing anyone with an understanding of the context of the data and the business problem to analyze results and solve problems without any technical knowledge of data science.  



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