The CLEAR-BOX Analytics Platform


 The first analytics platform built for the everyday business user.

Quickly unlock the value from advanced analytics with just a problem, your data, and answers that drive value back to the business.

No code. No PhD. Just Business.

Compellon 20|20 empowers your business team to easily advance from descriptive to prescriptive analytics without the need to become citizen data scientists.

See it in Action!

With Compellon 20|20

You can ...

  • Move from "What has happened?" to "What should I do?"

  • Empower the Business User

  • Reduce Time to Insights

Let Compellon 20|20 do the hard work for you, quickly providing an assumption-free, truly explainable analysis of your data.

Identifies key drivers related to your business outcomes.

Builds an explainable, custom model that allows you to predict with confidence.

Recommends strategic and tactical actions for you to prescribe as the subject matter expert.

20|20 Use Cases

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