The CLEAR-BOX Analytics Platform

Save time and money by using the right information to focus your efforts on the areas that matter most to your business outcomes.

Learn and Adapt.

Compellon 20|20 automatically refines and adjusts your model as you operate it over time – so it stays relevant even as your business changes.


Automatically find the key drivers related to your business outcomes.


Build a stable, custom model that allows you to predict with confidence moving forward.


Effectively change your business by taking the strategic and tactical actions backed up by the evidence in your data.


Identify drivers of customer behaviors within customer segments so you can make your tactics more effective while reducing costs.

Understand the WHY

Know who to prospect, who to incent and how to target, so you can successfully meet your objectives.

Automate Advice

Reduce cost and time for resolving complex system issues by capturing knowledge of experienced users, enabling all users to be equally as effective and efficient.

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