Insurance Fraud

The Client Challenge

Fraud is a tough problem to tackle:

- Few Fraud Cases - Small Population


- People do not want to get caught, so they disguise their intentions


- Many actions can appear normal, but how they are related/work together is critical to understand

The Compellon Apprach

Compellon 20|20 can build dynamic early warning systems for fraud using known cases, as well as aid in the identification of new fraud patterns.

- Find Macro Indicators of Fraud

- Identify How Early you can Find Fraud

- Find Deeper Understanding of Early Indicators of Fraud

- Use Granular Signals to Identify Fraud and Why

The Results

Now fraud analysts can easily see the early indicators of fraud behavior and know where they should focus their investigation efforts on at any time, even after new data comes in.


- Automatically rank changes in behaviors by strength and meaningfulness to reduce false positive signals 

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