Stop wasting resources on the wrong data.

Are you a business analyst who is drowning in requests and need help to prioritize your data workload?


Quickly know which projects have the data to support them and help manage expectations for all your projects.


Are you a data engineer looking to supply the data science team with the data they need for their projects?

Quickly find all the relevant data for your data science group to analyze.

With Iris you can proceed with confidence,
gain control of your data priorities, and
become a true data hero.

An Analtyics Advisory Tool

Data Quality is more than just cleaning, labeling, and normalizing your data. We define "Data Quality" as the ability of your data to answer questions - think analyzing your data's aptitude.

Iris takes the guesswork out of your analysis – giving you confidence that you are investing in projects that will provide trusted answers.

Analyze with confidence

Are the answers in your data?

Need to know if your data can support your business objective before you begin further analytical processes?


Data Quality gives you the confidence that your data does, or does not, contain the information that you need.

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Which variables matter?

Looking to get a jump start on training your models without hours of feature selection?

Get a set of variables that capture the information you need to begin training your model.

What other questions can
your data answer?

Have you invested time and resources collecting and formatting data for one objective, all the while wondering if that data could also support the analysis of other targets?


Identify the best target candidates within your data, to help discover what other business questions you can answer.

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Download the Iris Datasheet

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