Our Tech

A New Approach

Automated machine learning platforms currently on the market do little more than take known model structures and attempt to fit the data. Their machine learning advantage is in speeding up the experimentation process to identify the champion model. This results in a lack of insights, actionability, and a black-box model that cannot explain its predictions.

Compellon has developed an approach that eliminates the shortcomings in traditional analytics and truly focused on the business problem. 

With our Smart Plug and Play AI, all you need is data, a target, and a business expert - no additional "driver's license" needed.

The Execution

Compellon’s Smart Plug and Play AI is able to comprehend, learn, and adapt to the environment in which it operates. Built on decades of rigorous research and practical implementation of well-proven mathematical approaches, our AI avoids many of the pitfalls found in conventional analytical methods.

Our AI invents an end-to-end business solution - not just an analytical output - that can be directly deployed into the business, without additional human capital, and all outputs in context of the business.

Compellon’s AI is true machine learning that is revolutionizing the industry.


Automatically designs models of environment. No analytical help from humans needed — you only need data, an objective, and a subject matter expert.


Assumption-free and hypothesis-free approach that eliminates all biases by creating a custom model based solely on evidence in the data.


Model scope can include all computable functions, which results in a reliable and interpretable “clear-box” model.

Self-Aware and Adaptive

Can automatically improve models and its own operation by using feedback and new data in order to self analyze, criticize, and modify.