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Client Use Cases: 1-800 CONTACTS Unifies Marketing Silos

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

The following is the third post in a five-part series on how 1-800 CONTACTS uses Compellon20|20 to drive change within their organization. Thank you to Neil Wieloch, PhD, Director, Marketing Strategy and Insights, for writing these posts and for sharing 1-800 CONTACTS’ successes with us. In case you missed them, the first post in this series was about identifying the drivers of churn, and the second one was about creating predictive variables.

Grounding yourself in your Customer database: the secret to uniting silos.

As it is in most organizations, the greatest challenge that the Customer Insights Team at 1-800 CONTACTS faces is getting key stakeholders to move in the same direction.  Since Marketing departments are often siloed, once an insight is generated different teams develop different strategies, tactics, and means of measuring success (if they do anything at all).

But once the Customer Insights Team at 1-800 CONTACTS used Compellon to generate insights, things changed: the entire Marketing Team responded by adopting the same strategic direction, working together to develop tactics and looking to the same KPI to track progress.

Why did this happen?  How was an otherwise segregated organization able to come together?  The secret is in the fact that they were all working from the same data source and using the same platform to inform their work.

To get everyone on the same page, the Customer Insights Team worked with their internal data warehouse team to build a robust data set that included: customer transactional behavior data, appended demographic and psychographic data on each customer, and data from ongoing customer feedback surveys. The goal behind this approach was to compile data that would be usable by all department members because it included information regarding: who customers are (who to target), what their experiences had been (what to provide), and what behaviors customers adopt (business objectives to set, like reduce churn, increase re-order, or acquire more).

Predictive models were then generated utilizing the same platform. The various outputs created from the Compellon predictive analytics engine were meaningful to everyone across the entire department: Marketing leadership used the models to identify drivers for strategic development; Customer Acquisition teams used the models to generate tactics for targeting new customers and prospects; and Customer Retention teams utilized the single predictor outputs to identify personalized messages and experiences. And all of these actions could be directly tied back to actual customer behavior and a shared financial value.

Now the Marketing Department at 1-800 CONTACTS works together to solve problems – from the strategic to the tactical. By streamlining the process from insights to activation, they have also been able to substantially reduce their reliance on third-party “solutions” providers to run a more efficient in-house research and analytics practice.

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