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Compellon Awarded its Third Patent

LAKE FOREST, CALIF. – August 5, 2021 – Compellon is excited to announce that the Company and Dr. Nikolai Liachenko (Lyashenko), Chief Scientist, have been awarded a third patent for the development of polarity and semantic analysis engines that uniquely analyzes free-text data and turns it into actionable insights. This additional patent covers the advancements made in the technology over the last three years, and positions the Company for strong, sustainable growth.

This patented technology is used in Compellon’s analytics platform, specifically for the Company’s unique Word Polarity feature. Unlike traditional sentiment analysis, Compellon’s Word Polarity identifies concrete customer feedback in text to enhance the understanding of how one can improve attitudes, behaviors, and/or demographics identified from your data. Rather than simply identifying someone’s positive or negative attitude in text, Compellon can help discover meaningful details in text that will improve your business outcome.

This new Word Polarity patent and capability, in conjunction with our current causal technology, enables companies of all size to rapidly analyze a broad array of CX meta data sources and deliver evidence- based insights and recommended actions for comprehensive problem solving, far exceeding what standard sentiment analysis delivers.

About Compellon:

A unique machine learning analytics company powered by its proprietary Plug and Play AI, California-based Compellon is rapidly revolutionizing the analytics industry. Compellon focuses on the complete business problem and arms business analysts with strategic and tactical prescriptive actions to rapidly bring intelligent data driven decisions to the front lines of the business. Compellon 20|20 is a patented clear-box analytics platform that empowers your business team to easily advanced from descriptive to prescriptive analytics. Compellon Iris Pro, a data analytics advisory tool, quickly evaluates the information in your data to determine how well it supports your business analysis. For more information, visit www.compellon.com

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