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Compellon Selected as One of Three Innovation Partners at Qualtrics Insight Summit

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Compellon is working with Qualtrics, maker of the world’s leading research and insights platform, as one of its Innovation Partners – companies that are seamlessly weaving enhanced capabilities into Qualtrics’ offerings. As part of this relationship, Compellon has been selected as one of only three Innovation Partners to be featured at the Qualtrics Insight Summit this week. At the conference Compellon will be sharing its latest innovations to the Compellon20|20 Customer Analytics platform, which is transforming Customer Experience with rapid, predictive analytics solutions.

The integration with Qualtrics makes it easier to immediately apply predictive and prescriptive analysis to data of all types, including numeric, categorical, ordinal, and free text responses, without any data preparation. In addition, the new Compellon20|20 prescriptive capabilities uniquely take customer insights beyond Customer Loyalty metrics by explaining the “why” behind customer perceptions and behaviors, then advising on the quantitative and qualitative actions to take to improve the customer experience – all in seconds.

As the pioneer in making prescriptive analytics quick and easy to use, California-based Compellon delivers the most actionable intelligence available, enlightening users about not only what will happen, but why. The Compellon20|20 software platform, based on assumption-free machine learning, empowers teams working in customer experience, marketing, manufacturing and operations to rapidly take action.

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