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Learning What Really Drives Customer Experience Ratings

Thanks to our customer for providing the following use case on how their Customer Insight Team is utilizing Compellon20|20.



We have an on-going customer experience tracking program that measures customer interactions with our company at six different key touchpoints. This program provides the ability to track changes in customer-perceived service delivery across these key touchpoints and operates as an early-detection system on existing and potential pain points.


The Customer Insight Team has been using key driver analysis to understand customer experience ratings, but most key drivers are given and difficult to drill down into in order to further understand what is in customers’ minds and what really drives customer experience ratings.


The Customer Insight Team uploaded and ran the survey data on Compellon20|20, the clear-box analytics platform, and the results were really insightful. In addition to the key drivers found in our previous key driver analysis, the Compellon analysis provided a story board for us to share with our internal business partners. The information provided by the Compellon platform helped understand customer thinking process, and linked customer behaviors and demographic information in the story. Furthermore, we used the Compellon Advisor feature to provide potential focus areas to increase customer experience ratings in effective ways.


The Customer Insight Team is impressed with the analytics and insight capabilities offered on the Compellon platform. We are able interpret the key driver analysis using the “visible” Compellon models, which made it much easier for our internal business partners to understand the drivers even by team members without any statistics background. The output from the Advisor provided immediate action items and helped us to adjust existing priorities based on the evidence and information from our data.

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