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Compellon Announces General Availability of Compellon Iris

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

A Data quality assessment solution empowering enterprise data analytics professionals to confidently invest in analytics projects.

LAGUNA HILLS, CALIF. – February 5, 2019 – Compellon™, the company specializing in clear-box machine learning, today announced the availability of Compellon Iris™. A unique data assessment solution, Iris applies sophisticated causal information analytic techniques to help enterprise data scientists and analytics professionals determine if the data they are working with will support their business analytic goals. By evaluating the data quality in advance, Iris takes the guesswork and worry out of enterprise analytics projects, giving data professionals confidence that they are investing resources in a project that will result in a meaningful outcome.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence projects have gained momentum within enterprises, stretching data professionals to their limits. Too many projects suffer from “garbage in, garbage out,” beginning with data that is insufficient to answer the business question at hand. Despite this risk, enterprises are forced to commit significant human and computing resources to a project, hoping they will result in something meaningful. With Iris, enterprises can proceed with confidence, knowing that their resource-intensive analytics projects will result in actionable answers.

Iris quickly imports structured data, providing a management dashboard with an overview of content. It can identify the best targets within the data, as well as identify non-informative data. Users can visualize relationships between the data elements in an easy to understand graphical format. Then based on the Iris assessment, enterprises can proceed with the project, having confidence that it will result in meaningful answers, cancel it, or change its scope. This saves enterprises valuable time and money.

“When data professionals begin a large analytics project, they don’t know whether or not their data can answer their business question,” said Carv Moore, CEO, Compellon. “Until today, they have had to take a leap of faith, and proceed with their resource-intensive analytics process, often finding that the data was insufficient. With Iris, data professionals know the questions they can ask of their data, in advance, giving them confidence that they are investing enterprise resources in a project that will have a meaningful outcome.”

For more information about Iris, please visit www.compellon.com/iris.

About Compellon

Compellon™ is the company specializing in clear-box machine learning that provides valuable insights from your data. Compellon 20|20™ is a patent-pending clear-box analytics platform that automatically identifies the relationships in your data, learning and adapting over time, so you can continuously optimize your business processes. Compellon Iris™, a data quality assessment tool, quickly evaluates the information in your data to determine how well it supports your business analysis. Compellon is headquartered in Laguna Hills, CA. For more information visit compellon.com.

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